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Track ROI, cost per sale, profit, and dozens of other metrics for each source and sales rep. Add enterprise-level reporting power on top of your CRM.

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The vision of sales Data Dashboard is to build an enterprise-level tool. Today you have the chance to help us self-fund and get in early with our Lifetime Discount on the platform.

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Fully Comprehensive Source Reporting

Empower your management team to see exactly what sources are closing in a given period, where specific sources have dropped off in the sales, and which sources are leading to the bottom-line for the company.

Automatically track which leads come from each source and how many passed through each stage in a given period.

Assess issues in the sales process with different types of leads and empower management to know where improvement needs to be made.

Track return-on-investment, close rate, and profit from each lead source to see where you should be spending your money and what isn't working.

Salesrep Reports that Drive Decision Making

It's important to know how much you're spending on each salesrep, what they are making your company, and where they may be dropping the ball in the sales process.

Automatically track the amount of money you are spending on each salesrep over a given period of time, and how much they are making you back.

See exactly what issues are happening in the sales process and where deals are being lost.

Compare the performance of salesreps at different parts in the sales to gather important intel and train your team better.

Assign or Calculate Lead Costs of Each Source

You may have lead sources from various providers. Some may charge you on a per lead basis, some may require you to place ad spend to generate leads. You need a solution that tracks this all in one dashboard.

Input lead cost manually over a given period of time to track lead providers or third-parties that charge you on a cost-per-lead basis.

Calculate individual lead cost from a given spend for any advertising network or third-party provider that charges a monthly subscription fee.

Automatically calculate the amount of money spent on each salesrep by their accumulated lead costs over a given time frame.

Track Metrics That Give True Sales Transparency

In order to really know what's working and what isn't working, we want to track and compare performance across many salesreps or lead sources. Now we can easily see how things compare and what requires our attention.

Track total leads over a given period and the total amount of money spent and profit earned.

Assess averages to compare how a salesrep or a source is doing at each stage in the sale.

Assign KPIs to each column to assess the metrics you are looking to hit for each lead or salesrep.

Newly Released

Breakdown Reports on Any Tags in Our CRM

Now we can track exactly which ad messages, creatives, targeting regions, and audiences are converting. Tag parents allow us to dynamically track anything we want.

Create tag parents automatically by a simple naming convention and run split test internally in the sales process.

Determine which components of our ads are working, which emails or templates are converting, and track anything we can image.

Pass UTM params into the system and see the exact ROI of any keywords or targeting criteria.

We are building an enterprise-level tool. Now is your chance to help us self-fund and get in early with our Earlybird Discount.

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